Lunar Eclipse… Next Days Reflections

Moon AuraCertainly, the routine we follow during an eclipse defies our western thinking (programming, conditioning, paradigm identity). In fact, there are a number of things in the Vedic tradition that do not immediately make sense to the western mind. Similarly, advanced math does not make much sense to a student just learning basic arithmetic. However, the more such a student studies, the more that student comes to realize the teacher knows more than they do. Therefore, they continue to study and know that there is a deeper knowledge to higher math.

Similarly, once we study Vedic knowledge for a while, we come to have that same sort of appreciation for Vedic science. As a result, though at first glance the guidelines of what to do during an eclipse may feel odd, we try it anyway. Last night during the eclipse, we at Mount Soma stayed indoors, pulled the window shades closed, and did not eat or drink during the eclipse. I believe I can speak for the group that the feeling of the day and particularly the experience during the eclipse validated the truth of the practice. It felt profound, powerful, appropriate, and in harmony with the mechanics of the day, the environment, and the cosmos.

The ancient Rishis cognized Vedic Knowledge. To understand and appreciate cognition is a huge step in one’s understanding of life and existence. Yet to understand it is not just an intellectual process. It is experiential. Knowledge is far more than a set of facts. It is something we find within ourselves, within the depths of our own consciousness. It is not blind faith. It is inner awareness. One’s level of knowledge is the direct result of one’s level of consciousness. As it is said, knowledge is structured in consciousness.

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Difficult Jyotish Times are Improving

Difficult Jyotish Times | Michael MamasOver the past months, Jupiter with Rahu in Leo has been causing difficulties for many people and the world at large. Jupiter will finally leave Leo August 12 which should give relief to those difficult times.

Saturn and Mars together in scorpio has also been a problem. Mars finally leaves Scorpio the end of September which should also offer some relief to the difficult times.

Then the end of January, Saturn leaves Scorpio when things will for many of us get better still and will be a time of much smoother sailing.

This is has been a time when patience is needed. It has not been a good time to make major decisions though many of us have felt the need to do so. Take it easy. Better times are coming. When the skies clear, we will all be able to see with a clearer sight of the horizon.

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Vedic Knowledge in the Real World

In the course of explaining Vedic Science, I’ve come to realize that most people relate to it as if it is all theory. They don’t really understand what use it has in practical life. Admittedly, I was first taken aback by the very idea of it being theoretical. But in reflecting upon it, I realized what an excellent question it is and how important it is to know what practical application Vedic Science has to our daily lives.

As we grow and evolve, our awareness expands. An infant’s awareness does not go much past mother and bodily functions. As we grow, our world expands. First it’s just our home, then it’s home and school, and continues to expand like that throughout life. It’s as if the cobwebs clear, enabling the awareness to encompass more and more of life.

There’s a level of life where the awareness expands to the point that all the interconnections between all facets of the world come together into a unified whole. This is an experience, a knowledge, and a sense of wholeness. Maybe you have not memorized all the facts and every detail in existence, but you are fully awake to the underlying principles, mechanics, and concepts that weave everything together. That fabric is called “the Veda.” In its purest form, it is unbounded Consciousness, pure Consciousness, total awareness. On that level of life, it’s not a notion, it’s an experience. As one continues to evolve, as the cobwebs continue to clear, the structure of that fabric is more and more fully understood and appreciated. Life naturally becomes more fulfilling, profound, and beautiful.

Those studying Vedic Science may at first glance see it as entirely theoretical. In actuality, it begins to free the mind and expand the awareness. It’s an evolutionary tool leading to the point where it is no longer theory, but it is a direct perception. Your potential goes so far beyond what you have perhaps been led to believe or what you have settled for. Intellectual understanding of Vedic Science is not the goal. It is simply the acquisition of tools that awaken you to the grandeur of your being.

Nandi at Mount Soma

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Akasha means space. As with all Sanskrit terms, the meaning is contained in the sound. The sounds “A”, “ka”, and “sha” beautifully display the origin and nature of Akasha.

“A” is unboundedness, fully open throat, no edges. “Ka” refers to the birth of space at the very moment of the manifestation of relative existence. Consciousness, represented by “A,” becomes conscious of itself, perceives itself as other, and duality is born. “Ka” expresses the creation of space. It contains the feeling of pushing apart or taking a step back. Consciousness takes a step back when it perceives itself as other, and duality is born. It’s beautiful that you can feel this in the very sound of “ka.” It also displays how when duality is born, the Trinity is born. You have the Knower, the Known, and the space between the two, which is essential to the process of Knowing. As Consciousness continues to interact with itself, multiplicity is born. “A-ka-sha” continues to unfold in a flood, a shower, of self-interaction, creating a fullness of limitless interacting dynamics.

The syllable “sha” embodies the fullness of the Gap. The infinite abundance of relative existence. Infinity exists in the Gap. It is no coincidence that “sha” even sounds like the word “shower.” A shower is a lively flood of dynamism. The very sound of “sha” embodies the feeling. So “Akasha” conveys the full meaning of the notion of space, the Gap.


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Relationship with…

The most important principle in life is also the principle most often overlooked. I call it “Relationship with….” It is actually a very ancient principle known as ‘the process of Knowing’ or the Devata aspect of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas. To succeed, it is extremely important that you take a long and close look at the nature of your relationship with whatever it is you are dealing with.

You (the Knower or Rishi) focus on the object (the Known or Chhandas value) through the process of Knowing (Devata value). The point is that your relationship with the object counts for a full one-third of this ‘Holy Trinity’” that determines the nature of your life. In the Holy Trinity, Father is the Self (Rishi or Knower), the Son is the object (the physical manifestation, the Known or Chhandas), and the Holy Ghost (Devata or the process of Knowing) is everything else.

Sit back right now and allow yourself to experience that. You are the Self, the Knower. The words on the computer screen are the Known, the object of your perception. Everything else in the room is an aspect of the Devata value. It’s all a part of the process of Knowing. The Devata value includes your five senses: the process of seeing, hearing, etc. Those processes follow certain channels, pathways, or modes of function.

Similarly in arithmetic, there are certain modes of function: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With respect to the Devata value, those different modes of function relate to different faces, so to speak, of the one God. Just as with arithmetic, every mode of function applies to every point on the number line, the Devata value is lively at every point in creation. Those different modes of function are often referred to as the different Gods, but with full realization that there is actually one God of which they are the diverse expressions. I often say that God is much closer than you may think. Perhaps this helps to illustrate that point. Everything is God: the Knower, the Known, and the process of Knowing.

For more information about the Knower, the Known, and the process of Knowing, please go to Rishi, Devata, Chhandas.

Relationship with...

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