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Note: This blog post is from Dave Ehmke.

Within the 12 signs of the zodiac there a number of powerful points (Bindu points). The transition from water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) to fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are such points. When a planet is in the last few degrees of a water sign or the first few degrees of a fire sign, it is considered Gandanta, which refers to "a knot at the end" and is known as "a drowning point".

During the past month, Saturn has been very strong (stationary on August 25) and at the end of Scorpio, while Rahu and Ketu transited from Leo and Aquarius to Cancer and Capricorn. So all of these slow moving malefics were Gandanta. Also, the solar eclipse on August 21 took place at 5 degrees of Leo, which significantly affected the Gandanta point between Leo and Cancer. Since the eclipse, and during this time of drowning, we have seen an incredible amount of powerful hurricanes directly affecting the U.S. (where the eclipse was visible).

The transit of Saturn through the final degrees of Scorpio is especially fascinating. Some say that of the 3 Gandanta points, this is the most challenging and powerful. This spot is signified by the tip of Sagittarius’s bow and the tip of Scorpio’s tail, and is considered poisonous. To make the whole thing even more fascinating, the center of the Galaxy is located at this point.

As you can see on this picture, the tip of Sagittarius’ bow (the most inward star of the teapot) and the tip of Scorpio’s tail point directly at the Galactic Center. Some say that this is a point of intense transformation, moving the inner soul towards merging with universal consciousness.

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Jyotish: The Subtle Personified Aspects of the Grahas (Planets)

The GrahasTry as we might, we are unable to put into words the deepest subtleties of another’s personality. It is in one’s jyotish chart, but such profound subtleties are not totally accessible even to the best of jyotishis. Of course, the jyotish chart is a map of one’s karma. It is like a weather reading and forecast. We do have free will, yet on any particular day the weather determines if we might be sunbathing, bundled up, holed up, or under an umbrella.

Traditionally, a jyotishi and his family cultivated a relationship with other families over the generations. In so doing, through observation and personal interactions, the jyotishi developed a feeling for the subtle qualities of the family karma that played out through the personified influences of the grahas. As a result, their insights and predictive abilities became far more honed-in and accurate than if they were giving a reading to a complete stranger.

Each graha has its qualities. But how they play out in an individual is as unique as is every individual’s personality. Generalizations about a person’s personality always fall short of who that person really is. Families flow along a karmic stream of personified influences of the grahas that color with shades and hues the subtle qualities of the personalities of the people involved. Hidden deep within one’s jyotish chart is the understanding of the subtle nature of how Mars, for example (or any of the grahas), influences a persons life. But it is a far more effective approach to see how the influence has carried the family through the generations. Though it is in the chart, it is less accessible there for even the finest of jyotishis. Of course, it can be argued that a totally enlightened jyotish master, like a Rishi, could find it in the chart by transcending on the chart with total clarity. Yet such great beings are a tremendous rarity, particularly in this age of Kali Yuga.

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All Planets Visible

All Planets Visible - Michael MamasTomorrow (Thursday, January 26) before sunrise, Moon will be visible with Mercury about 5 degrees above it in the eastern sky. At the same time, Jupiter will be overhead about 15 degrees east of directly over head. Saturn will be between Jupiter and Mercury about 19 degrees above Mercury and about 60 degrees away from Jupiter. Best time to view is around 6:30 a.m.

Then, in the evening after sunset, Venus and Mars will be visible in the western sky with Mars about 5 degrees above Venus.

Also, the long awaited transit of Saturn out of Scorpio occurs around 9:00 a.m., a couple hours after sunrise. However, Saturn’s influence is said to be sort of like a grease ball, so the influence will somewhat remain for a couple weeks longer.

February 10, there will be an eclipse which is considered a bad influence but, after that time, say in March, things should get much better. Of course, exactly how all this effects the individual is a function of their own chart.

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Jyotish and the Election

Joni PatryThis article is an interesting perspective from Joni Patry, a Vedic Astrologer. It begins:

“Since the shock of the recent elections I have been studying the chart of Donald Trump to better understand where we are going as a nation.

“So many are disappointed and in shock by the results of the recent elections. My message is to bring healing and hope to the those who are worried about the fate of the US with Donald Trump as President. My sincere plea is that the anger and resentment be dissolved as to avert a possible terrorist attack by letting go of the anger running rampant over the elections”…

Read more:

Spiritual Insights December 2016 by Joni Patry

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Omens and Shaktipat

Omens and Shaktipat - Michael MamasIn a comment on a previous blog, I was ask about the relationship between omens and shaktipat.

To which I respond:

Omens are an interesting topic. Since, through the transcendent, everything is infinitely correlated in space and time, one could view every event as an omen. It is like the flow of water down a mountain stream. The movement of the molecules of water predetermine where they will be the next moment… omens. Similarly, then, Shaktipat could also be viewed as an action predetermining what follows.

Of course, then enters the notion of free will vs. predetermination. The Guru, acting from a place of free will, can guide or suggest the process shift in more evolutionary directions.

Certainly, everyone has a degree of free will but, generally speaking, predetermination (karma) rules most people’s days.

I would add that even a Guru, who has no karma, has entered into this world of karma. One might compare it to someone who jumps into a swirling torrent of karmic waters to assist drowning people.The Guru is certainly subject to the currents as well as the flailing of arms and legs of those drowning. Though it is not the Guru’s karma to jump into those waters, once done, he has volunteered to deal with the karmic waters and the situation he has entered.

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