Mahapatra Visit

Today at Mount Soma, we were blessed by the visit of Mahapatra, a very beautiful man. He was with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for many years. After meeting at the temple with Panditji, who knew Mahapatra in India, we went to the Meditation Hall to address the group. Mahapatra spoke beautifully about his life and experiences with Maharishi. It was an exquisite meeting of old family members all united under the blessing of Maharishi.

Everyone present was deeply moved and profoundly blessed. Our shared vision to bring peace to the world shines forth. I invite all those who were present to add their comments.

Jai Guru Dev

Mahapatra and Michael Mamas

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Reality, Perspectives, and the Shape of the Universe

Moon CrescentOver 20 years ago, while doing Sanyama on the moon, I first saw the shape of the universe. I described it in class like being shaped like a morning glory flower. Years later, I believe by virtue of the Hubble Telescope discoveries, scientists described the shape of the universe in the same manner, and it was represented as a picture on the cover of Discover Magazine.

Recently, I saw more deeply into it. Lord Shiva, while doing Sanyama on the moon, could be said to have manifested the universe. It overflowed out of his crown as the river Ganges, forming a fountain, shaped like a morning glory, with the crescent moon in his awareness. This has been depicted in traditional pictures of Lord Shiva.

That morning glory shape, however, represents only the thin veil of reality—what physicists might refer to as matter. Extending the petals of the morning glory all the way around creates a Linga-shaped object called Hiranyagarbha: the totality of the universe. Everything else (other than the morning glory itself) is composed of projection. This universe is almost entirely projection. This is not just an abstract concept, but a living, daily reality. We project onto one another and everything in creation, and consider that projection to be reality. Projection makes the world go ’round. Seeing beyond projection is called liberation—enlightenment.

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Shaktipat, the Blessings of the Guru

Early Saturday morning, it was really windy at Mount Soma. While doing Pradakshina outside around the Navagrahas, the wind slapped a fall leaf right into my face. Spontaneously searching for the symbolism, I asked myself, “Was that a Shaktipat blessing or a reprimand?” Immediately the answer came: “There really isn’t any difference.” If perceived properly, a reprimand is a purificatory rite. When heard and received, it purifies the awareness. The Karma has been delivered, clearing away for a deeper relationship with life. When you stop and think about it, that’s pretty much a definition for “Shaktipat.” As I’m fond of saying, “It’s not so much about the thing, but your relationship with the thing.” Shaktipat is not nearly as effective when we’re not open to it. Shaktipat comes in many forms: a moment of insight, the touch of the Guru, or conceivably even the slap of a fall leaf.

After all, the Guru’s nature is one with your true nature, is one with Mother Nature. The Guru then gives his blessings in many ways. Saturn is the influence of the Guru through life’s lessons, through our experiences with life and all of nature. Everything is just as profound, as is our ability to hear it, to see it, to know it.

Of course, we can make moods around this sort of thing which is called “projection.” On the other hand, we can see more deeply into things than what may be self-evident to most on the surface. When seen clearly and deeply, it’s called “perception.” Projection considers perception to be projection.

Mahanandi Park, Mount Soma

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The Master

Master Walking - Michael MamasI was asked:

What is the meaning of “the Master walking in students’ shoes?”

To which I respond:

The Master experienced and knows what the path is/was like but must not forget, even though at times it can feel difficult to remember, what it was like before he re-membered with the Self.






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Free Your Mind

The mind is a product of conditioning. As Maharishi Patanjali said, karma plus prana equals mind. How one’s mind is programmed to function is the product of one’s karma. Freedom from programming can be called the state of ‘no mind.’ The awareness then operates from a level free of conditioning. Though one in that state may not appear to be so different from others, in actuality they are profoundly different. In aspiring to that state, some strive to modify how they appear on the surface to prove they are making progress, but that is incorrect thinking.

When the mind is free, one could say it ceases to exist. Or one could say that their mind has been freed from karma and now is a ‘cosmic mind.’ Provided the underlying principle is understood, the rest is a matter of semantics or definition of the term ‘mind.’ However you define it, the reality is that one now can see beyond the limitations of programming or indoctrination.

Two Boxes or Three?This simple two-boxes-or-three diagram illustrates how the same thing can be seen in different ways. Is the structure a diagram of two boxes or three? It can be viewed either way, as the highlighting illustrates. Similarly, the structure of our world can be viewed not just in two different, but in an unlimited number of ways. Through conditioning however, we are programmed to see things according to the paradigm of our identities. This limits one’s awareness, and limits the possibilities available to life.

Freedom is an internal state of awareness. When the mind is limited, we are not free. We then feel constrained and may strive to break loose by escaping or changing our worldly circumstances. We look for freedom where it does not exist. The constraint of mind then follows us wherever we go until the time comes when the mind is freed from within.

When the mind is free, life is a field of infinite possibilities. That is why it is called spiritual liberation… emancipation. It is an internal state of being, not an external set of circumstances. Some call it enlightenment. It is the state of true freedom.

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